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Flower Watercolor Coloring Book

Flower Watercolor Coloring Book
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EAN: 9788997107414
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A watercolor painting by Lee Myung-sun, who is gaining popularity on Instagram for his lovely and warm paintings, was born as a coloring book. This book is composed so that you can directly color the various beautiful flowers that you feel you want to draw while looking at clear and transparent watercolors. From petals and leaves to bouquets, bouquets, and leases, even if you are not good at drawing, even if you do not need detailed explanations, anyone can easily draw by learning how to draw simple watercolors through mini lessons. As for the paper, you can start right away by preparing a brush and watercolors using drawing paper exclusively for watercolor.

Publishing language:korean
Size:250x250 mm
Publication month:March
Publication year:2018
Published in:Korea
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