PRIVACY POLICY of decomade.pl

PRIVACY POLICY of decomade.pl.


This Privacy Policy aims at providing You with detailed information, what personal data we collect in the scope of using our services, with what aim and how do we use them, who we are and what are your rights. The aim is to provide You with information, which is pursuant to the provisions of the Regulation (EU) of the European Parliament and of the Council 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regards to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”, which are in force from 25 May 2018.


1. The controller of personal data, the entity that decides how Your personal data will be used, is AnCraft Anna Seidler with its registered office in Warsaw at: ul. Powazkowska 6//106a, 01-728 Warsaw, NIP (Tax Identification Number): 5251456355.


2. Your personal data are processed on the basis of GDPR Regulation. Data Controller assures that it makes every possible effort with the aim to protect the privacy of persons, whose data it concerns, and especially makes sure, that the collected data is:


- processed according to Polish and EU Regulations


- for particular, designated aims, which are compliant with law and not further processing data incompatible with these aims


- adequate in relations to aims, for which it is processed


- stored no longer than necessary to reach the processing target (for example, we store data for a period resulting from the accounting regulations, until the time of expiration of claims resulting from the agreement)


3. The Data Controller can process the following personal data of Users or Customers: first and family name; electronic mail address; contact telephone number; address of delivery (street, number of building, number of flat, zip code, city/town, country), address of living/ running a business/business site (if this is different from the delivery address). In the case of Recipients or Customers, who are not consumers, the Data Controller can additionally process the name of the company as well as the Tax Identification Number (NIP) of the User or customer.


4. Possible aims of collecting Your personal data by the Data Controller and the legal basis for collecting personal data:


a) Concluding and realizing the sales agreement or agreement concerning the supply of electronic services in the Internet Shop – the legal base for processing personal data by the Data Collector is Article 6 point 1 point b) of the GDPR Regulation, that is the necessity to realize the agreement, of which You are the party or taking actions on Your request before concluding the agreement (realization of an order, the possibility to use the Account).


b) marketing of own products or services of the Data Controller – the legal base for processing personal data by the Data Collector is Article 6 point 1 point a) of the GDPR Regulation, that is Your consent or Article 6 point 1 point f), i.e. the justified business of the Data Collector, such as informing You about our products, news, events or promotions.


5. Personal data provided by You is voluntary, however, not providing this data results in the lack of possibility to provide services by us or using these services.


6. At any time You can withdraw your permission concerning the Newsletter and unscribe by clicking the following link.


7. We would like to inform you, that we do not transfer Your personal data to third parties for marketing purposes.


Recipients of Your personal data are entities, which are necessary for the right execution of works proposed by the Data Controller (such as entities, which provide servers to us, suppliers of ordered goods, entities responsible for payments, the Data Controller employees).


Personal data can be transferred to a third country, that is a country outside the European Economic Territory, whereas the Data Controller assures, that in the case of transferring data to third countries this will take place in relations to countries that provide appropriate level of protection and respect the right to protect personal data as well as with conducting due diligence at all times regarding the security of Your data and in the scope necessary to provide our services.


8. The right to access personal data of users were limited by the Data Collector in a restrictive way, so that this information does not get into the wrong hands. Access to personal data is limited to a few authorized workers of the Data Collector in accordance with the regulation of GDPR.


Services are equipped with security measures, with the aim to protect personal data under our control from its loss, improper use or modification. We are committed to protect all information disclosed by the Customers to us in accordance with norms regulating protection of security and maintaining data privacy.


9. We would like to inform you, that Your data will not be processed in an automated way, including also the profile form.


10. "Cookies" files are small pieces of files, especially text files, which are sent by the server and stored on the final users computer, and are designed to browse websites (such as hard disc of the computer, laptop, or the memory card of a smartphone ) Thanks to cookies Your personal settings are recorded and stored.


11. The Data controller can process data included in the Cookies files while using , by Cookies files this is primarily useful and secure tool, which allows you to browse www.decomade.pl website according to your preferences and using its functionality. Cookies files used by www.decomade.pl are secure and do not create configurational changes in Your computer, laptop or the smartphone, or even in the program installed in such device. Cookies files are used by us with the following aim:


- identification of users as those logged in through www.decomade.pl and showing, that they are logged in;


- saving goods added to the basket in order to place and order;


- saving data from completed order files, questionnaires or data to log in through www.decomade.pl


- adapting the content of the www.decomade.pl website to the individual preferences of the user (e.g. concerning colors, typeface, page layout) as well as the optimization in the use of www.decomade.pl website;


- conducting anonymous statistics, which show the use of www.decomade.pl site and research into the needs of users, excluding the personal identification of the user;


- collecting information concerning visits to the website. This type of cookie is used to provide important information about visits to the websites and the way they are used by the visitors. Tools such as Google Analytics are sued to collect such data. These cookie files serve exclusively for the collection of statistics about visits to the website.


12. By visiting www.decomade.pl website You can meet the following types of Cookies files:


- permanent and temporary – depending on the time, how long they are stored on Your computer hard disc, laptop or the memory card of a smartphone, which You use to visit our website. Temporary files are Cookies files, which are stored for a relatively short period of time – they are removed at the moment of logging out from our website, leaving our website or by closing the internet browser, which You use. Temporary files are very often referred to as session files due to this reason. Permanent files (also called the constant files) are those Cookies files, which are generally stored for a period longer than in the case of temporary files – their time of storing lasts for a period described in the parameters of such Cookies file or until You remove them personally.


- local and remote – depending on the fact, if such Cookies files comes directly from the Internet shop, or from the website of a third party through the Internet shop (e.g. in the case of making the shop surface available to one of the advertising companies or when conducting anonymous statistics with the use of Google Analytics). In the last case we recommend also familiarizing with the Cookies policy or the privacy policy of the third party.


Information, if the particular Cookies file is permanent, temporary, local and remote, and also the deadline of its storage can be obtained by using the appropriate options in your own internet browser – for this purpose You can refer to the settings in the internet browser help.


13. Typically, most internet browsers available on the market, by default accept the saving of Cookies files. Everybody the possibility to determine the conditions of using the Cookies files with the help of settings of own internet browser. This means, that it is possible to partly limit (e.g. temporarily) or completely switch off the possibility to save Cookies files – in the last case, however, this can have an influence on some functionality of the Internet shop (for example, it can be impossible to go through Ordering by the Order Form, because of not saving Products in the basket during the following steps in the process of placing an Order).


14. Internet browser settings in the scope of Cookies files are important from the point of view of permission to use the Cookies files by our Internet Shop – according to the regulations, such permission can be also expressed by settings in the internet browser. In case of not providing such permission, settings in the internet browser concerning Cookies files should be changed accordingly.


15. Detailed information concerning the change of settings about the Cookies files and their individual removal in the most popular internet browsers is available in the settings in the internet browser help and on the following sites (just click on the link):


o in Chrome browser


o in Firefox browser


o in Internet Explorer browser


o in Opera browser


o in Safari browser


o in Microsoft Edge browser


16. We ensure the realization of Your rights listed below. You can realize Your rights by lodging Your request in writing to the following address: AnCraft Anna Seidler, ul. Powązkowska 68/106a, 01-728 Warsaw or by mail on the following address: bok@decomade.pl


a) Right to withdraw consent


You have the right to withdraw Your consent, which You granted at the moment of registering to our Service, as well as while using certain services and functionalities offered in the Service. The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal.


The withdrawal of consent does not bring any negative consequences for You. It may though make it impossible for You to further use our services or functionalities, which according to the law can only be provided by us with your consent.


b) Right to object against using data


At any time You have the right to lodge an objection against using Your personal data, if we process Your data based on our legally justified interest. If Your objection appears to be justified and we do not have any other legal base to process Your personal data, we will erase Your data, against which You lodged the objection.


c) Right to erase data („right to be forgotten”)


You have the right to request the erasure of all or some personal data. The request to erase all personal data will be treated as the request to erase the Account.


Despite the request to erase personal data, with regard to lodging an objection or withdrawing consent, we can retain certain personal data in the scope that is necessary in relation to the purpose of determining, inquiry or protection of claims. We also retain data for the purpose of dealing with claims and complaints connected with using our services and for the tax and accounting purposes.


d) Right to restrict processing of data


You have the right to request restriction of processing Your personal data. If you report such request, until the request is considered, we will make it impossible for You to use some of the functionalities or services, which use will be connected with data processing covered by the request. We will also not send any messages to You, including the marketing messages.


e) Right to access data


You have the right to receive from us the confirmation, if we process Your personal data, and if this is the case, You have the right to get access to your personal data.


f) Right to rectify data


You have the right to rectify and supplement personal data provided by You. You can do this personally in the My Account tab. With regard to remaining personal data You have the right to request from us the necessary rectification of this data (if it is incorrect) or to supplement it (if it is incomplete).


g) Right to transfer data


You have the right to receive Your personal data, which You provided to us, and then send it to other, chosen by You, Data Collector, for example to another operator of similar services, You also have the right to request Your personal data to be sent to another Data Collector directly by us, if this is technically possible.


Your personal data will be sent in the form of a csv file. The csv format is a commonly used format, suitable for machine-readable data and allowing to send received data to another Data Collector of personal data.


17. If we have justified doubts concerning Your identity, with regard to lodging a request we can ask You to provide additional information necessary for its confirmation.


18. How quickly do we meet Your request?


If You make a request to us concerning the above mentioned rights, we meet this request or refuse to fulfil it immediately, however, no later than in the period of a month after receiving it. If, however – due to complexity of the request or number of requests – we will not be able to fulfil Your request in the period of a month, we will fulfil the request in the period of the following two months, informing You beforehand about the need to extend the deadline.


For technical reasons, we always need 24 hours to make the necessary update in our systems of Your chosen settings. Therefore there is a possibility, that You receive an e-mail message from us during the update of systems, from which You already resigned.


19. Lodging complaints, enquiries and suggestions


You have the right to lodge a claim, send enquiries and suggestions concerning the processing of Your personal data and the realization of rights that You are entitled to.


If you believe, that Your right to the protection of personal data or other rights that You have been granted under the GDPR Regulations have been breached, You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory body of the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.

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