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DEFECT] Basic Botanical Art Coloring Book

DEFECT] Basic Botanical Art Coloring Book
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NOTE: The book was damaged in transit. The upper right corner of the coloring book has been squashed, as a result of which individual pages also have visible folds. The bend concerns a small area and it does not interfere with coloring. Discounted price - the book is not returnable or exchangeable. The damage is visible in the photos.

A coloring book containing minimalistic pencil sketches of "Basic Botanical Art". Inside you will find graphics of 18 types of flowers and 6 types of leaves.

The images are printed on thick 260g/㎡ paper suitable for both colored pencils and wet media. The book is folded like a block, the pages are glued, which allows you to easily tear them out and e.g. frame and hang as decoration.

Publishing language:korean
Size:215x275 mm
Publication month:April
Publication year:2019
Published in:Korea
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