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Moments Wholly for Yourself. Aeppol Coloring Book of the Forrest

Moments Wholly for Yourself. Aeppol Coloring Book of the Forrest
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This is the coloring book of the artist, published in two years after the premium edition . It is a selection of 57 designs from 350 works that have been continuously published in the portfolio for six years, and boasts an unrivaled amount among the author's coloring book series. The advantages of the previous work that kept the position of bestseller for 3 years after publication were further utilized, and before starting the full-fledged coloring, we included a lot of small plants, props, and a page where you can practice your own patterns and added a special appendix.

The book uses thick paper that can use various coloring tools as well as colored pencil coloring, and it opens 180 degrees cool with PUR binding. As an appendix, a professional page capable of coloring watercolors can be added to color with various difficulty levels, and coloring stickers that can be decorated with my own colors and attached to diaries are also included.

The delicate and natural pencil line, which is the actual sketch of a beautiful work like a fairy tale loved all over the world, conveys the impression of the original. Part 1 depicts the forest changing from season to season, Part 2 the small happiness in everyday life in the forest, and Part 3 the cute and lovely imagination of the forest girl.

Publishing language:korean
Size:188x250 mm
Publication month:July
Publication year:2020
Published in:Korea
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