Emma's Tale. Inktober 2020 coloring notebook

Emma's Tale. Inktober 2020 coloring notebook
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This coloring book is the result of participation in the Inktober 2020 project. 

The rules of the challenge dictate specific prompts to draw, words often unrelated to each other. Nevertheless, Grazia managed to create a single story in 31 days, which she shares with you here.
But that's not all - the coloring book has been combined with a diary function, where you can share your thoughts on the adventures of the main character.
Grazia Salvo invites you on an inner journey in search of our own nature.

Publishing language:english
Author:Grazia Salvo
Size:148x210x20 mm
Publication month:October
Publication year:2021
Published in:Poland
Paper thickness:Medium
Printing:double page with quotes
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