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Easy Botanical Art Coloring Book: Flowers and Fruits

Easy Botanical Art Coloring Book: Flowers and Fruits
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It is organized to make it easier for beginners to begin with painting, as well as children and seniors. The pictures in this book are drawn with 24 colored pencils, and you can complete it without difficulty by practicing the lines of the mini lesson in Part 1, and the size of the picture is made to make it easier to color.

It is also composed of familiar flowers and fruits that are commonly found around us. It is a material that children can meet through nursery rhymes, and it is also a material that appears in nursery rhymes that adults and seniors sang when they were young. Drawing flowers and fruits, soaking in the world of children's hearts, and remembering memories will make your mind calm and happy.

Publishing language:koreański
Size:210x270 mm
Publication month:September
Publication year:2020
Published in:Korea
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