Circle of Nature coloring book

Circle of Nature coloring book
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Circle of nature is Karolina Kubikowska’s sixth work published in a book form.
Here you will find 35 images to color, inscribed in a circle, with plant, human and animal themes. Characteristic style and thin, delicate line will take you on a journey into the world of nature, of which we are an inseparable part.

In this book for the first time the author has added 4 colored versions of her works, which you can use as an inspiration.

NOTE! The book does not contain an autograph.

Publishing language:english
Author:Karolina Kubikowska
Size:225x25 mm
Publication month:November
Publication year:2023
Published in:Poland
Paper thickness:Thick
Printing:single page
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Customer Review: 10/10 ocena ocena ocena ocena ocena
Piękne wydany album.
Twarda okładka, dobry papier, jednostronny druk - ogólnie jakość robi wrażenie.
Sama grafika na okładce z lekkim złotym nalotem wygląda świetnie.
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Review by Coloring Queen. Please support her chanel on YouTube and blog: https://www.coloringqueen.net

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