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Nakayoshiko Squirrel and the Residents of the Antique Town

Nakayoshiko Squirrel and the Residents of the Antique Town
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The action of this story takes place in an ancient city where animals of various breeds live. The coloring pages show their everyday life throughout the year. the main characters are squirrels, but there are also rabbits and bears. The romantic scenery and retro atmosphere delight from the very first pages. Convenience stores, cafes, rose gardens, parks overlooking the sea, brick walls, cobblestone paths or fireplaces - the monotony of details will delight you. There are plenty of ancient and fairy tale worlds that seem to jump out of an old fairy tale. It is so beautiful that you will lose track of time and get carried away.

Series:Cute animals
Publishing language:japanese
Size:210x257 mm
Publication month:August
Publication year:2023
Published in:Japan
Printing:double page
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