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Midsummer Rest coloring book

Midsummer Rest coloring book
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This coloring book shows a total of 30 types of flowers according to the blooming season, divided into flowers that say goodbye to spring and welcome summer, flowers that soothe the mind tired of the heat, flowers that are more vivid in the hot sun, and flowers that can be found all summer long. Additionally, we will meet cute animals playing among these plants, splashing in the nearby pond or enjoying cold ice cream on a hot afternoon. 

This is the fourth coloring book by Korean artist Jeon Jeon-jin. The three previous ones have similar themes and motifs, divided into the remaining seasons of the year. Check them out HERE.

Publishing language:korean
Author:Jeon Jeon-jin
Size:210x270 mm
Publication month:June
Publication year:2024
Published in:Korea
Printing:single-sided with color graphics on the left side
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