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Forest Girl's Diary REMOVABLE STICKER by Aeppol

Forest Girl's Diary REMOVABLE STICKER by Aeppol
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Price: 4,74 EUR
Najniższa cena z ostatnich 30 dni: 4,74 EUR
Status: available 48 H

product Description

STICKERS for repeated use - they can be put on , peeled off, and put on again to another place. Perfect for decorating photo frames, the inside of a calendar or diary.

Original product purchased from Aeppol, not available in classic stores.

Sticker sheet format: 105x145 mm. Price per sheet - to order, select a pattern.

The graphics come from the artist's latest collection and her coloring book Aeppol's Coloring Book of the Four Seasons.

NOTE! The product is not intended for coloring.

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