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Bloom For You Coloring Book

Bloom For You Coloring Book
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Freshness and peace are in the flowers. So people think of flowers on days full of joy and happiness, and on days when they wish for comfort and well-being. What if I had my own flower that never loses? It is possible if it is a flower from the coloring book The author completed this book with the desire to give happiness to those who live in everyday life.

Information on various coloring materials and coloring techniques is included. In addition, you can practice your own color chips, petals, leaves, and stems before full-scale coloring. Therefore, even those who are new to coloring books will fall into the charm of colors without difficulty. After coloring, the coloring pattern was expressed with a pencil sketch to complete a pictorial and three-dimensional effect. You can create rich colors with a variety of coloring tools and methods on 20 different floral designs.

Publishing language:korean
Size:210x297 mm
Publication month:March
Publication year:2021
Published in:Korea
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