What is the comment and how to add it?

What are comments for?
Comments are placed under specific products and they should be only about this product. The main purpose of comments is sharing opinions about products we offer in out store. You can let us (and other users) know, if this product meets your expectations. What
do you like about specific product or what you do not like about it. Your comment shouldn't be very long, but 3 words or less are not enough to let other know, what do you think about a product. Your review may help other people to make decision if they should buy the product or not.
At this moment please refrain from long rewiev - we are working on additional possibility of placing longer rewievs with more than 1 picture.

How to add a comment?
At this moment adding comments is possible only for logged-in users. All coments are also currently moderated.

  1. In order to place a comment you need to be logged-in.
  2. Please remember that you can place only 1 comment under a product.
  3. In a field 'User' you can write your name or your nickname (i.e. your Instagram nickname). We don't recommend to put there your e-mail address or user name - all comments are visible for all clients, even those that are not logged-in.
  4. If you find hard to choose what rating is proper for this product (1-10 scale) you can think of how much you like the product - if 100% then choose 10, if 70% - 7 etc.
  5. Let us (and others) know what do you think about this product - is it what you were looking for and expected, and if not - why. You can also do a pro and con list if this suits you more.

    NOTE! If you want to place a photo in your comment, please write what's on the photo (applies to handmade items) and what products you used to make it. If you're adding a photo of coloured picture from colouring book, please write what media (pencils, paints) you used. For crocheted, knitted or sewed items let us know about what worsted or fabric (and weight of it) you used for making it.

  6. A picture can present only an item made from specific product (ready items made from DIY set) or based on a tutorial from specific book (i.e. jewellery made using tutorial from the book).
  7. Add photo (you don't have to if you don't want to). Maximum size of a picture is 200kB.
  8. You can resize your photo using Paint (installed on every computer with Windows). You can also use one of many free online editors - like THIS ONE.
  9. Once to hit ADD button your comment will be send to administrator for moderating. Your comment will be accepted and visible to others within 15 minutes or 2 days - we moderate comment only on our working hours. Please, be patient.

Our admin may not accept your comment in several cases:

  • you have already added a comment under the product
  • your comment has too many grammar mistakes, that make the comment hard to understand
  • your comment refer to other product than commented
  • your comment is a question about shipping or handling (we suggest to write us an e-mail then)
  • your comment is an ad or has a link to another store or a web page.

If you have any other problems or daubts about adding comments please contact us via e-mail bok@decomade.pl

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