The Wandering City: Colouring Book

The Wandering City: Colouring Book
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Producent: Moleskine
Autor: Carlo Stanga
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Opis produktu

Many ancient tales tell of a legendary city appearing and disappearing in various regions of the world and at different times in history. It is known as the Wandering City and has been sighted in the North Pole, in the Caribbean, in the middle of the Amazon forest, in the Gobi Desert, in Europe, far and wide. The spirit of the city is influenced by the architectonic styles of the different cultures it visits and by the light of the many different skies. Inside this colouring book, discover the wonders of the Wandering City. Immerse yourself in the cityscapes designed with white and black inky outlines and make them shine with the light of the different seasons and regions: cold-blue northern nuances, wet and watery oceanic tones, hot southern colours and more. Play with the whimsical perspectives, blend in the parks and squares, decorate the intricate features and discover hidden elements in the amazing metropolis that embodies all the architectural styles and landscapes of the world.



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Autor:Carlo Stanga
Rodzaj okładki:miękka
Ilość stron:96
Format:216x254 mm
Miesiąc wydania:październik
Rok wydania:2015
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