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The Korean Traditional Art Minhwa Colouring Book. Koreańskie malowidła ludowe do kolorowania

The Korean Traditional Art Minhwa Colouring Book. Koreańskie malowidła ludowe do kolorowania
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It contains 26 Korean folk paintings depicting various flowers, insects, watermelons, peaches, and pomegranates in summer. Without using traditional craters that are unfamiliar and complicated, only colored pencils are used to bring out the comfortable and colorful colors unique to Minhwa. Through the mini lessons presented in Part 1, anyone can learn a simple basic skill and complete a wonderful folk painting with one colored pencil.

Minhwa's materials include everyday wishes such as martial arts longevity, wealth films, and family happiness. 'Hwahwadodo', which depicts flowers and butterflies, contains a desire to joy, happiness, and love for a couple, and'Chochungdodo', where insects and nature are harmonized, contains a desire to love nature and follow its providence. In addition, the'Suwado', which depicts fruits and vegetables, contains the hope of prosperity. It would be good to have time to wish the well-being of me and the surroundings by coloring the various flower arrangements, chochungdo, and small fruits contained in this book.

In addition, the author's colored pencil folk painting design was chosen as the representative design of Korea by the Korea International Trade Association and participated in international stationery exhibitions held in New York. With appreciation, this book also includes English explanations to make our folktales known to the world and to be loved more and more.

Język wydania:koreański
Ilość stron:80
Format:210x270 mm
Miesiąc wydania:sierpień
Rok wydania:2019
Kraj wydania:Korea
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