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Tally Ho! : An Adult Colouring Book for Lovers of all Things British

Tally Ho! : An Adult Colouring Book for Lovers of all Things British
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In this unique colouring book for adults, Lizzie Mary Cullen takes you on a cultural exploration of the United Kingdom. Trace your pencil through iconic urban spaces, elegant patterns, peaceful countryside landscapes and elaborate London scenes as part of an immersive journey through British heritage. Get ready to gild, decorate and bring to life exquisite details of British life, both historic and modern. 
Over 80 of the most poignant and definitive British proverbs provide the inspiration and an enchanting background to Lizzie's unforgettable illustrations. Through colouring in you will reveal hidden objects that allude to the proverbs as you lose yourself to the pleasure of discovering the beauty of all things English.
Autor:Lizzie Mary Cullen
Rodzaj okładki:miękka
Ilość stron:96
Miesiąc wydania:luty
Rok wydania:2017
Kraj wydania:Wielka Brytania
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