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Huafu Imagine Coloring Line Drawing Book

Huafu Imagine Coloring Line Drawing Book
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EAN: 9787115546463
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Welcome to the world of Huafu. Here, the beauties of Datang wandering in the romantic world of antiquity dressed in costumes. Please pick up your paintbrush, use your creativity, and choose colorful colors to color the clothes and makeup of the Tang confidantes, and create the colorful flourishing Tang in your mind!
This book selects 40 women from the history and literature of the Tang Dynasty, including Princess Taiping, Shangguan Wan'er, Xue Tao, etc., for them to carefully create Chinese clothes, design exquisite makeup, and restore the scenes of their lives in the Tang Dynasty. Describe the glimpses they have left in history, and provide them to readers in the form of colored line drafts. Readers who like Huafu can show their creativity and feel the beautiful world of Huacai Datang in the process of coloring and copying.

Język wydania:chiński
Ilość stron:82
Format:187x262 mm
Miesiąc wydania:wrzesień
Rok wydania:2020
Kraj wydania:Chiny
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