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World of Flowers: A Colouring Book and Floral Adventure

World of Flowers: A Colouring Book and Floral Adventure
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Manufacturer: Ebury Publishing
Author:: Johanna Basford
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product Description
Show your colours. Join 'colourist queen' Johanna Basford on a floral adventure around the world and beyond, into the realms of fantasy and imagination. This sensational new colouring book is filled with countless new blooms and blossoms ready for you to discover and bring to life in colour.
An abundance of fascinating florals awaits, including ...
Dainty ballerina-esque Fuchsias,
Bleeding Heart Orchids,
Swirls of Osteospermums,
Oriental Poppies,
Fabulous Persian Poppies,
Mexican Passion Fruit Flowers,
Vibrant pinwheels of Phlox Peppermint Twist,
Helleborus, Roses and Ranunculus,
Bumblee-bee Primroses,
Giant Pink Lotus Blossoms from the lily ponds of India,
Curtains of exotic Jade Vine,
Snowdonia Hawkweed,
Rafflesia Arnoldii from the rainforests of Indonesia,
Rothschild's Slipper Orchid from Northern Borneo,
Mexican Chocolate Cosmos - which apparently smell as good as they look!,
The spectacular nocturnal Kadupul flower which only blooms at night, and more!
Johanna has picked a crisp ivory paper that accentuates and compliments your chosen colour palette. The smooth, untextured pages allows for beautiful blending or gradient techniques with coloured pencils, or are perfect for pens, allowing the nib to glide evenly over the surface without feathering.
Author:Johanna Basford
Size:250x250 mm
Publication month:October
Publication year:2018
Published in:UK
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