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Weird bottle encyclopedia coloring book

Weird bottle encyclopedia coloring book
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was produced in 112 pages, and a new work that was not disclosed in the existing was added. There are two sketch designs for each original, so you can color it according to the original picture that contains dark and minor sensibility, and you can color it once more as you like.

There was also a page where you can calmly look at my mind while coloring and write down the organized mind. The'clear page', which is painted one by one each time a pattern is completed, and a picture card page that can be used in various ways such as mini postcards, presents a new fun of coloring books. Whenever I complete the design, I paint the clear page, and my own collection of works filled with my heart will be completed.

Publishing language:koreański
Pages:175x230 mm
Publication month:December
Publication year:2020
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