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Vampires: A Grayscale Coloring

Vampires: A Grayscale Coloring
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Price: 9,98 EUR
Manufacturer: Fritzen Publishing LLC
Author:: Jade Summer
Status: Imported on request
product Description
After dark, another world awakens.
Deep in the shadows of the forest and in the grand ballrooms of forgotten castles, creatures of the night make the world their own. Travel with them into Vampires Grayscale by Jade Summer, a journey rich in gothic detail and dark romance.
Amongst the book's richly imagined scenes, you will find sultry undead warrior queens and fierce princesses. On one page, discarded blades hint at a last battle for glory. On another, a vampire couple is locked in a passionate embrace, while yet another tells of a love affair's tragic end.
Ideal for the artist with a taste for the mysterious, Vampires Grayscale by Jade Summer brings a sharper edge to the adult coloring book. Beauty abounds, but it is a shadowed beauty. It is the beauty of a hollowed skull in the hands of a lover, or a drop of blood as it slides down a pale cheek. If the lore of the undead calls to you as the sun dips below the horizon, pick up a copy of Vampires Grayscale and let it carry you away.
Author:Jade Summer
Size:216x279 mm
Publication month:March
Publication year:2018
Printing:single page
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