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Time traveler coloring book

Time traveler coloring book
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EAN: 9787115512703
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Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen is a fashion game for mobile phones in which you and the main character travel through the Seven Kingdoms and get to know different styles of fashion. In the game, you can choose both the appearance of the character, as well as customize each item of clothing to your liking.

The time traveler coloring book contains over 80 coloring pictures of the most popular and beloved characters and their outfits in this game.

The book comes with a small booklet with colored versions of the graphics in the coloring book. Booklet size 12.7x18.3 cm

Note - as in most Chinese coloring books, the paper is very thin.

Publishing language:Chinese
Size:210x284 mm
Publication year:2019
Published in:China
Paper thickness:Thin
Printing:single page
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