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Symphony of Cute Animals Coloring Book

Symphony of Cute Animals Coloring Book
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A fantasy world view that depicts the free-spirited daily life of animals
Everyone dresses up as a Halloween party, makes a house with sweets for Christmas, and the animals of the mysterious world that spends like humans are attractive is. The smiling animals will naturally heal your heart.

Postcards and message cards are also available! At the end of the book, 6 postcards and 6 message cards are included. Postcards are perfect for seasonal greetings such as New Year's cards, winter greetings, and summer greetings. You can use the message card as a gift, decorate it as an ornament, or use it to your liking.

Publishing language:Japanese
Author:Kanoko Egusa
Size:214x210 mm
Publication month:October
Publication year:2020
Published in:Japan
Printing:double page
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