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Slumikko Gurashi Coloring Lesson Book Vol 2

Slumikko Gurashi Coloring Lesson Book Vol 2
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EAN: 9784844368625
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The second installment of the popular "Sumikko Gurashi Coloring Book

" is here ! Why don't you
feel "calm" when you are in Sumikko ? A coloring book by Sumikko and his friends.

Not only coloring books, but also various painting lessons to fully enjoy coloring books. Enjoy coloring books full of unique and cute characters
such as polar bears, penguins, pork cutlets, cats, lizards
and mini-nicos.

Publishing language:Japanese
Author:Inko Kotoriyama
Size:225x225 mm
Publication month:May
Publication year:2019
Published in:Japan
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