Mandala and kaleidoscopes

Secret symbols in art

Secret symbols in art
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In this beautiful book there are 70 mandalas (black contours on thick white paper for creative coloring) inspired by great works of art from five selected periods of art history. Mandalas have been divided into five chapters representing epochs and artistic currents, which include works inspiring them:

  • meditative buddhist art,
  • religious iconographic tradition of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance,
  • Islamic art
  • Baroque painting in the Flemish tradition,
  • impressionist painting.

The search for beauty manifested in painting and sculpture is one of the main themes of this book. Coloring illustrations inspired by the greatest works of art helps to get rid of stress, achieve inner peace and find the joy of creation. However, this is not just about creative coloring, but also about discovering the hidden meanings of works of art. It is the introduction to the mysterious and fascinating symbolism of works of art that makes this book stand out. The following chapters open the characteristics of the era from which the works and the symbols they contain originate, as well as an explanation of the meanings of these symbols, and the interpretation of the hidden meaning of each mandala ends.

Author:Tamara Michałowska
Size:245x305 mm
Publication month:February
Publication year:2016
Published in:Poland
Printing:double page
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