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Seasonal Coloring Book of Gods

Seasonal Coloring Book of Gods
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Illustrated Gombeare's fantasy coloring book, which loves Korean images and stories, has added works and new works with motifs of Korean artists, ghosts, and folk tales that have been loved through social media such as Instagram and gravure. .

In the book, paintings and stories of oriental beauty are presented with the theme of 'god' and 'seasonal'. Fantastic paintings and interesting and bizarre stories, including blue dragons, Jozak, white tigers, and the bastard gods, including the Bang-wori Shin Chil-woo (Kyu Joong-chil), a friend of Korean women in spring, and the strange Korean ghosts such as Hyangrang Pavilion, Gumi-ho and An Hoe in summer. Let's go to the world of the gods with whom.

The book was designed to contain all the colored paintings of the design as well as a description of Korean gods, ghosts, and folk tales, as well as the creative stories of the artists. In addition, it is made of special bookbinding that spreads 180 degrees to make it easy to color and use paper of sufficient thickness to use various tools such as colored pencils, maca and paints.

Publishing language:koreański
Size:225x280 mm
Publication month:February
Publication year:2020
Published in:Korea
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