• Thursday, 25 Czerwiec 2020
    From July 1, orders will be processed only on selected days, i.e. from Tuesday to Thursday. Placing orders is of course possible - 24 hours a day, but they will be sent on these 3 days. This is due to the need to change the store platform, which is outdated. As a result, there are numerous errors, problems with ordering and payment. Replacing the system is extremely labor intensive and requires many tests, hence the reduction of work in the warehouse and shipments. I hope that after the holid...
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    What are comments for? Comments are placed under specific products and they should be only about this product. The main purpose of comments is sharing opinions about products we offer in out store. You can let us (and other users) know, if this product meets your expectations. What do you like about specific product or what you do not like about it. Your comment shouldn't be very long, but 3 words or less are not enough to let other know, what do you think about a product. Your review may he...
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