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Luna Coloring Book. English Edition

Luna Coloring Book. English Edition
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The 5th hardcover in Maria Trolle's beloved collection of coloring books. Embark on a magical adventure in this newest coloring book from Maria Trolle. Enjoy a moonlit walk through a garden full of gorgeous flowers, discover fabulous plant treasures in a dense forest, and tiptoe around fairy tales at every corner. Gather your thoughts and calm your mind by coloring all of the beautiful plants and animals in Luna. A register of plants, birds, and butterflies is found in the back of the book. Maria Trolle is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Tyresö, outside Stockholm. Her passion for gardening acts as a thread to her art, with plants, vegetables, and flowers offering daily inspiration--preferably from her own garden.

Publishing language:english
Author:Maria Trolle
Size:210x250 mm
Publication month:April
Publication year:2021
Published in:USA
Printing:double page
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