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Follow scenery watercolor coloring book

Follow scenery watercolor coloring book
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product Description

This is a coloring book by Kim So-ra, who beautifully captures flowers, nature and beautiful scenery. If you look at the pictures in this book, you will meet the memories of the places you visited one day and the landscapes you wanted to leave. The author introduces a method that can be easily colored with the basic spreading and overlapping technique of watercolors.

This book is not only watercolor, but it is not necessarily a watercolor paint. can do. The landscape watercolors are different from the flowers that have been painted so far, so you can enjoy the feeling of being excited and relaxing.

You can complete your own beautiful landscape watercolor gallery just by learning the basics of the mini lesson, which contains the author's know-how. And before you start coloring each piece, you can point out what is the most important point to draw the painting in 'One Point Lesson' and tell us which color chip you used.

Publishing language:koreański
Size:230x230 mm
Published in:Korea
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