Flowers and plants

Beautiful Flower Botanical Art Coloring Book

Beautiful Flower Botanical Art Coloring Book
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It is a coloring book that makes botanical art easier and more colored. In addition to basic explanations on botanical art, such as introduction of colored pencils, materials, and coloring methods, the coloring process of 16 coloring works is included in the entire cut and detailed cut, so you can learn more about the coloring method. The paper on the sketch page is moderately thick, so it is good to paint with colored pencils, and since there is a perforation inside the book, you can easily tear it off by hand without needing to cut it with a knife or scissors, and open the page with the finished product in front of it for coloring.

Publishing language:koreański
Size:215x275 mm
Publication month:March
Publication year:2016
Published in:Korea
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