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Animal Kingdom Colour by Numbers

Animal Kingdom Colour by Numbers
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Manufacturer: Arcturus Publishing Ltd
EAN: 9781784283841
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Get up close to your favourite creatures with this fantastic collection of colour-by-number images. From majestic wild cats to cuddly bears, tropical fish and even a platypus, the images highlight the diversity of the animal kingdom in all its glory. Follow the numbers to create detailed and impressive animal portraits.

Colouring by numbers has opened up a world of creativity for millions of people. With a little patience and care, you can hone your colouring skills to create great-looking images.

The numbers in the images correspond to the numbered colour key on the inside of this flap. Spend some time matching your set of coloured pencils to the colours in the key - you can even label each pencil with a number to make things easier. You will find fully coloured versions of all the images inside the cover.

Publishing language:english
Author:Martin Sanders
Size:225x280 mm
Publication month:October
Publication year:2016
Published in:UK
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