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Color Your Own X-men

Color Your Own X-men
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Cena: 39,99 PLN
Producent: Marvel Comics
Seria: Marvel
Status: chwilowo niedostępny
Opis produktu

In a black-and-white world of hate and fear, the X-Men are a colorful force for good - and now they need your help! We've collected incredible illustrations from some of the fi nest talents ever to draw the Children of the Atom, and now it's time for you to discover your own uncanny mutant coloring ability! X-Men Blue, X-Men Gold, X-Men Red...it's entirely up to you! Whether it's the black-and-yellows of the Original Five, the bold hues of the All-New, All-Different crew or the array of greens, oranges, pinks and purples that have been added to the roster over the years, all your pens, pencils and crayons will have their moment to shine. Featuring your favorite Uncanny, Astonishing, Amazing heroes and evil mutant villains - from Wolverine, Jean Grey and Cyclops to Magneto, Mystique and more! 

Rodzaj okładki:miękka
Ilość stron:120
Format:187x279 mm
Miesiąc wydania:październik
Rok wydania:2018
Kraj wydania:USA
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