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Alice's Dream Journey (Beautiful Hand-painted Coloring Collection)

Alice's Dream Journey (Beautiful Hand-painted Coloring Collection)
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EAN: 9787517087311
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A coloring book that takes you through the wonderland, reproduces 20 fairy tale scenes! Free 24 beautifully painted and hand-painted cards! Full version of hot stamping, color matching guide, full of dreams! Max out the decompression artifact of the circle of friends, adults and children can easily draw!
Half a century ago, a girl named Alice was attracted by a rabbit wearing a hat, carrying a pocket watch and hurried on the road. She quietly followed it into the tree hole and fell into a wonderful fantasy world full of unknowns. In...
half a century later, this beautiful and fantastic dream journey is on paper. You only need to pick up the color paintbrush to create your own Alice in Wonderland, with Mr. Rabbit, Da Da Cat, Unicorn Romantic encounters, weaving sweet fairy tales!
This book is composed of 20 classic scenes of Alice in Wonderland, and runs through 20 beautiful poems by famous European and American poets. It is romantic and moving. It is a coloring book with a fairy tale plot!
In order to present readers with a more gorgeous and dreamy reading and creation experience, the cover of this book adopts full-page bronzing, and is accompanied by a color matching guide and a reference drawing for coloring. It also comes with 24 exquisite coloring cards. Cut the thread. While gaining a sense of accomplishment, you can also present small gifts that represent your heart to others.
Whether you are a child who likes fairy tales and is curious about colors, or a young literary and artistic person who wants to cultivate his sentiment by painting, or a crowd who wants to use coloring to heal stress and pass leisure time, this book can give you Bring infinite surprises!

Język wydania:chiński
Ilość stron:80
Format:210x285 mm
Rok wydania:2020
Kraj wydania:Chiny
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